Record Label - SJE Records (Australia) -

DJ MIchael Angello, founder member of The Dream House Crew, came into being in the early nineties, he was a nightclub owner in the North East of England in the early nineties, he eventually gave up running that business to concentrate on his dj'ing and went on to play at clubs in the Uk and abroad. The burning desire to produce his own special blend of sound waves which he calls Dream House was finally fulfilled in 1997 when he, together with his then first musical writing partner, Paul Cook, released their first track called "The Quest", this track sold only 2000 copies but is worth noting that it was featured on Kiss Fm as part of their essential selection three weeks in a row back in 2001.

The duo then produced two further tracks together, 'Knowledge' and 'Mean't to Be' Full on club mix, however these two tracks were never released due to unfortunate events which led to DJ Michael Angello not being in the music scene until late 2008, at which time he had relocated from the UK to Cape Town South Africa. This is where he met his new co-production partner, Rob Martin.

In late 2008 the duo produced their first track together, 'Man Must Explore', a track with an old school feel to it but with that magic touch which is so distinctive in all their music. In the short time the duo were writing together from 2008 till mid 2010 they managed to achieve much !, around thirteen tracks were produced. In 2010 Rob Martin went on to follow his dreams within the film industry, shortly after the duo split DJ Michael Angello became prolific in music production. 

Si Gordon, 'Stereo Mutants' quoted on linkedin "DJ Michael Angello is a rising star in the world of electronic music, his productions are turning heads around the globe right now and i personally would recommend him to any company interested in his services, he delivers every time!" May 13, 2011. Keep your ears open in the worlds club scene, chances are you will be on the dancefloor at some stage completely lost in the music not knowing it is DJ Michael Angello who is taking you away !

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